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Liquid and Fluid Shape Illustration

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Liquid Fluid Shape Illustration
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whether you want to advertise at our distribution points/events or have the customised water delivered, we got you covered.

Our products

Class A: Advertise using the entire label of the water bottle!

14 cm

7.5 cm


Our products

Class B: Advertise using shared label with non-competing brands!

فلتر الاستحمام بالفيتامينات

والمواد الطبيعية

7.5 cm

7.5 cm


How It Works



Customise the label of water and show more about your business.

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Target Market

Choose your target audience.


We generate QR code to direct customers to your website.

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We deliver to you or distribute it at your chosen event/ distribution points.

Liquid and Fluid Shape Illustration
Liquid and Fluid Shape Illustration

Distribution Channels

  • Events: Expos, pop-ups, university events!
  • Sports clubs: Soccer, Padel, Crossfit and more!
  • Business Centers: Office buildings!
  • Public: Beach and walking areas.

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